Creating custom filofax pages

Hi guys,

As promised a few days ago, I thought I'd share with you how to custom design your own filofax pages. By using this tutorial you can create custom diary pages for your filofax at little cost but with maximum efficiency from an organising point of view!

Please note this tutorial is designed for Mac users with Pages but depending on the interest it creates I can also do a Windows/Word tutorial too. Drop me a comment below if you'd like to see this.

Firstly, you'll need to set up your page size in pages. To do this, measure the page size of your current filofax pages firstly. I have a personal filofax, so the pages are 96mm by 171mm.

Next you'll need to input these measurements into your page layout section of pages. To do this go to file>page setup>paper size>manage custom sizes. A new window will appear where you can click on the '+' and add a new paper size and call it 'filofax'.

Now you have the page area, you can customise the page as you wish. Remember to leave a space for your hole punching! I recommend using a Mac and Pages for this due to the ease and creativity you can put into your designs with very little effort. I like to have a day schedule/planner, where  can see what needs doing over the entire day, here is what my finished layout looks like:

Now that you have the page the way you want it, select the cmd+a function to select all the items on the page and double touch the keypad to group all the items together.

Once all the items are grouped they cannot move independently of each other. This is important! So now copy the new grouped image, using the cmd+c button.

Now open a new A4 blank sheet in pages, try to think about what layout would work best on an A4 sheet of paper. Once the sheet is open, use cmd+v to paste your grouped filofax page into the new blank document. You can re-paste this to fill the page, making sure you leave room for your hole punching. I recommend trying to lay the pages out the same distance from the top of the page as it's less work with the scissors then later.

Now to print your A4 sheets. As you can see above, I was able to print 3 pages a sheet.

Next, is measuring the pages again. As I said before, if your pages line up this is a whole lot easier. 

Unless you have a hole punch especially for your filofax, once the pages are cut out, you will need to get an existing filofax page and draw on the new pages where the holes are. If you're using a regular hole punch like me it's a good tip to remove the bottom catch tray and use the hole punch upside down. That way you can see where your holes are for a more precise cut. I apologise in advance however for the messiness of this approach, you may wish to have a plastic bag underneath you to collect all the punched holes!

And voila, you can enjoy your very own customised filofax pages, to fill out the way you want them! As well as a daily planner I've also created a weekly and monthly planner and I'm currently using them to see if I need to make any amendments. As you can see below, the weekly planner is landscape instead of portrait as I felt I could fit more information on the page this way.

If you have any questions, or if my tutorial isn't clear enough please drop me a comment and I'll hopefully be able to help!

Love Jo xxx


  1. Lovely post, I have written about it and linked it on my blog today I hope that is ok, please let me know if it is not!

    1. Hi DINGSinsainity,

      Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for sharing!

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