Tuesday, 18 March 2014

7 ways my day was over before it ever really started

Yesterday was a write off! I hate days where no matter how many to-do lists you write or how many promises you make to yourself, nothing seems to get done. So, in an effort to be more productive in the future, I thought I'd list my top 7 reasons why yesterday was wasted...

  1. Even though I had the whole day to do something I had an appointment I couldn't miss at 4:15pm. So my brain automatically assumed I was just waiting around for that... ALL DAY?!
  2. The previous day a dog groomer friend had given me a 'refresh spritz' for Penny that smelt like Pineapple... So obviously procrastination had to be in the form of weirdly sniffing the dog every chance I got.
  3. The hubby was at home. I always feel like I can NEVER get anything done whilst he is about. He always wants cups of tea or food preparing for him so I have to break off my task. Then I forget what I'm doing! (Just for the record, he's not lazy, he's renovating the house so he's actually doing physical labour, not just sitting around expecting me to wait on him!)
  4. I wanted to write a blog post about my vegetable patch in the garden and preparing it for summer, however the photos I took were truly awful and the state of the garden depressed me due to the lack of colour. So I came inside and thought I'd save the post for another day.
  5. The dining room table is a mess of work tools. (Hubby again!) I can't clear the table so my brain automatically demotivates me by thinking 'Can't move items > difficult to dust > can't vacuum in case I hoover up a tiny but very important part > best not to vacuum anywhere just in case... > don't clean today!' WTF brain?!
  6. I made a cake with some of the rhubarb I found in the freezer from last year's harvest, washed up all the dishes already in the sink, plus the pan I softened the rhubarb in, finished washing up, turned around and I'd forgotten to wash all the mixing bowl and sieve etc... So I ceremoniously dumped them in the sink and sulked that I'd missed them... Until tea time (dinner time to most folk) when I needed some of the dirty items.
  7. I wrote a to-do list the previous day and forgot about (ignored) it. Stumbled across it late evening only to find I'd done nothing, NOT-ONE-THING, on the list!
So, whilst eating my rhubarb cake (lovely by the way, but not so pretty... Which is why no picture is inserted here) I decided to come up with a to-do list of things I'll actually do for today. Included on the list are getting dressed, washing up, having breakfast etc... Let's hope it makes for a more successful day! 

Love Jo xxx

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