Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bulk frozen chicken dilemma!

Oh dear! We usually go to the wholesalers about once every four months and stock up on sundries and meat. One thing we buy, is bulk loads of fresh chicken breasts. We find that the breasts are always larger and of a better quality than the supermarkets, and a lot cheaper as we're buying them in bulk. Normally we bring them home and freeze them in individual zip-loc bags, however, the hubby decided as a cost saving exercise that we should just put greaseproof paper between the breasts to separate them in the box they come in, saving both time and money.

However, crisis occurred! When we came to separate the breasts they have all stuck to the greaseproof paper and well basically it didn't work! We were at panic stations for a few minutes thinking we'd have to use or lose a whole box of chicken breasts. I checked google which didn't give me any information, but Pinterest showed that shredded chicken was a popular dish in America, and could be frozen once cooked. 

So once we had a plan of action we defrosted all of the chicken breasts and binned the greaseproof paper idea! Once the breasts were defrosted (approx 16 hours in the fridge!), we washed them to make sure there was no paper stuck to them, and removed any bloody/giblet parts to give to Penny. She ate REALLY well yesterday!

 Next, we fitted as much of the chicken as we could in the slow cooker. My idea was to cook the shredded chicken and bag it up to use in pies or curries at a later date.
 Once all the chicken was added, I seasoned the pot, added some crushed garlic (about 2 cloves) and poured over 1pint of chicken stock. I gave the chicken a good stir and left it to cook for 8 hours on low (you can also cook this for 4 hours on high) stirring the chicken probably twice over the 8 hour period.
 Once the cooking time was over, I drained the chicken in a colander, shredded with two forks and parcelled the chicken up into freezable bags. Each of these bags contains approx 350g of shredded chicken, which I would say is enough for possibly 4 people, it certainly does a main meal and lunch the following day for both me and Matt.
 I've frozen all of these 5 bags for future use and I had 6 large breasts left which didn't fit in the slow cooker. I've grilled these and put them in the fridge to use as sandwich meat and in pasta meals etc this week.

Crisis over! Please let me know if you've had any similar kitchen disasters, or if you have any recipe ideas for the now shredded chicken I have filling my freezer! 

Jo xxx

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