Monday, 31 March 2014

Creating my own at home exercise plan

Finally, as promised, I've gotten round to creating my own exercise plan. 

To do this, I went through all the pins I've saved on my Pinterest 'Exercise' board, looking at what exercises would be beneficial for my needs. General toning is what I'm looking for.

From this, I have created my own plan, I'm going to follow this every day for the whole month of April to see how I go. The amounts for each exercise are my 'bare minimums'. If I decide to, I can increase these or keep them as they are depending on how I feel each day.

So here it is guys, hope you like it!


Clench abs and hold for as long as possible whilst on car journeys

Whilst washing up - 
march or jog on the spot for duration

Whilst making a brew (several times a day!) - 
10 jumping jacks
5 push up against work surface
6 lunges (3 each leg) 
Squat hold until kettle finishes boiling

I've also made a full at home workout plan of exercises to complete daily. For this, I've printed out a handy reminder sheet.

Please note, I'm not a personal trainer or exercise expert, but I'm just sharing what works for me. I hope you like it! Do you have any ideas for any other exercises to include?

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