Saturday, 15 March 2014

Creating a personalised home cleaning rota

Hi guys,

Today I thought I'd share with you my way of creating a personalised home cleaning rota. I've seen tons of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules with all kinds of wacky tasks listed on the web, but I found they didn't have the simplicity I look for in a rota and also weren't right for my home (for example, one list I found said to clean skirting boards (baseboards) every 6 months, whereas for the type of home I have, the dust starts collecting within a month, so I would find this a monthly and not bi-annually task).

Firstly, I took a large A4 notepad into each room of the house and listed every single task I could spot to do in the room. Here's the list I made for the bathroom as an example:
Next I labelled each task as to whether I would do it daily (D), weekly (W), monthly (M) or annually (A). It's your plan though so if you wanted to introduce bi-annually or bi-monthly tasks then do so!
Once I'd done this for every room of the house (not forgetting the outdoor spaces and cars!) I made a daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning schedule - like a master list. I did this in spreadsheet form using Numbers, it's quicker than writing 'Dust skirting board' for every room by hand! Here's a snapshot of the annual list, but I have tabs to all the other lists too.

If you can see on the photo I've added columns for information on whether tasks are to be done at a certain time and also how long each task will take to complete and any notes I want to make regarding the task. 

So the daily list is pretty self explanatory, work down the list each day and do the things. Hey, if the bathroom doesn't look like it needs hoovering though, I might leave it until the next day (or create a bi-weekly list for jobs which need doing every 3-4 days).

For the weekly list, I tend to have some weeks where I want to do the whole list in one day, or I spread the tasks out over the week, just doing a few per day.

For the monthly and annual lists I usually add these to the calendar so I can see what needs tackling. Its a great place to add things like buying seeds for your vegetable patch or recording when the last time was that you washed your pillows! Here is the monthly list:

And here is the annual list. The colour coding for each list is as follows - Blue: bathroom, Light green: kitchen, Purple: living room, Orange: dining room, Red: bedrooms, Cream: hall, landing and stairs, Yellow: Office and Dark green: Outdoors.

 If you think I've forgotten anything, are having difficulty reading the lists or would like some help to create your own list, drop me a comment!

Love Jo xxx

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