Saturday, 22 March 2014

Creating a personalised home cleaning rota - Part 2

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd give you all an update on my home cleaning rota and how it's working out for me!

I've found that over the last week, the rota has given me food for thought. I've procrastinated greatly over this list, although my daily tasks list has worked great. I can run through the 'things to do' at a moment's notice and make sure I don't forget anything. Also I've been thinking about the products I use to clean, and how damaging they can be. Click on the photo below for a great article on making your own cleaning supplies!

With the weekly list, I divided up jobs into rooms to concentrate on, however, I've taken a good look at how I clean and I tend to prefer to do all of one job before moving to the next. For example, according to my list, whilst cleaning the kitchen, I mop the floor, whilst cleaning the bathroom I mop that floor etc, however, I much prefer to spend an hour or so hoovering all of the downstairs of the house and then mopping through. It's all done in one go and I don't have to think about which room I've done then. 

Similarly with skirting board, I prefer to get the little nozzle on the hoover and go around the entire house vacuuming the dust off the skirting board. I'm not quite sure but I think it may also be quicker too...

Another thing I've found in analysing my own cleaning personality is that I tend to concentrate on things that I notice. So I might notice a picture in the dining room is looking a little dusty whilst I'm waiting for the kettle to oil, so I'll whip out the duster and get to it. I never really realised this was how I operate before but by taking a look at what works for me I can see how I need to modify my list.

So there you have it, sorry for the wordy post again, but hey, I suppose it's helping me to practise my writing!

Let me know if you've found my cleaning rota saga helpful at all, do you use your own cleaning products? Or do you have your own way of cleaning which works brilliantly for you? 

Love Jo xxx

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