Saturday, 8 March 2014

International Women's Day

Hello all!

Happy International Women's Day to you! Just a short post today as I've been quite busy planning things for the coming week...

International Women's Day for some reason reminds me of the suffragettes and all the work those brave women did to gain the vote. That was seemingly the turning point in history when women began to be recognised as capable citizens on a par with the male population.

However, suffragettes also reminds me of Mary Poppins, which leads nicely to my next point, 'Saving Mr Banks', the new Disney film about the struggle Walt Disney has with P. L. Travers to gain the rights to Mary Poppins. In the film, Disney (portrayed by Tom Hanks) and P. L. Travers (portrayed by Emma Thompson) share a love of their creations, Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins respectively, and feel that the characters are part of the family. The film (as I have come to expect from any Disney Film) is brilliantly written, and the hubby after initially moaning about not wanting to watch it, was happy to settle down and let the plot unfold. 

I really recommend the film to anyone wanting a good, light hearted film with comedy littered throughout. The actors are brilliant in their roles and the people they portray are shown in an interesting and intriguing light.

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