Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lent Day 14 - Progress Review

Hi Guys,

I thought, as we're a good fortnight into Lent, I'd give you all an update on the goals I set for myself and how I've been getting on since my last progress update on day 3.

So as a recap my goals were:

1. To write something every day - I've kept up with this rule, I think there was one day near the beginning where I didn't add something to my blog but I've discounted that because there was another day when I wrote two posts, so it's cancelled out! 

Also, I was a bit confused about the timings of my blog so I started out by making my 'new post deadline' 8pm each evening. The blogger schedule tool is really handy for this! But after doing quite a lot of research, I concluded that it was maybe better to post in the morning so I changed the time to 8am. Now I have time the previous day to write my post, give it a final edit before bedtime and it will automatically post at 8am the following morning. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! 

I've also found a new avenue to explore with my novel ideas left over from Nanowrimo, I'm sure that because I'm now writing something everyday that it's starting the creative juices going again! 

2. Tone up - Unfortunately, this seems to be a big fat fail. I've been plagued with aches and pains all month, so I've decided to put this goal on the back burner until April. My big 'summer holiday' isn't until October this year, so plenty of time to rectify this issue before then... fingers crossed!

3. Get organised - This task also seems to be a quiet success. As promised, I've created a custom Filofax tutorial, as well as sharing my ideas on creating a cleaning schedule and organising the cupboards.

I've also mapped out all of my blog post ideas for the next fortnight and have started my 'Recipe of the Week' post on Wednesday's where I share with you lovely people some of my favourite dishes to make!

So there you have it, my progress update, sorry if it seemed a bit wordy today but I wanted to give a full picture of my progress.

Let me know, do you have any goals for Lent? How're you getting on with them?

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