Thursday, 27 March 2014

Lent Day 20 - Short and sweet!

Half way there! 

Since my last blog post regarding Lent, I've continued to write every day, both on my blog and through inspiration and research for my novel. I also found an old notebook yesterday with lots of forgotten ideas which have helped to spark my imagination. (I apologise in advance that this is the reason this post is short and sweet, but I have too many ideas coming to fruition to not write about them!)

Exercise wise, I've planned out a regime which I hope to follow throughout April. I'll keep you posted on my progress in due course... 

And lastly, organisation, although I haven't posted much in this front in the last week or so, I have made great progress, both in starting a new knitting project (and having an organised plan to finish it!) and also we have recently purchased a lovely and huge farmhouse table. When the weather is better we're looking to give it a bit of TLC, however, the size of it is brilliant for filing! I've collected papers which were lying about in every corner of the house, sorted them on the table and now they all have a place! Hurrah! 

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