Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Nanowrimo - 4 months on...

Hi Guys,

I have a confession. I've signed up for Nanowrimo every year over the last four years and never submitted a novel. The closest I've been was last year (November 2013) where I was able to create a full plot but didn't end up writing the book. The problem was, as I was planning the information the novel lost it's 'pizzaz'.

I think I was trying too hard in planning every last detail, I couldn't settle on a name for my main protagonist and it was all downhill from there. The procrastination set in and the pages have been relegated to the bookcase ever since.

But today, whilst researching blog tips and tricks, I had a flash of inspiration! I decided to change the setting, and the age of my main protagonist and the ideas started flowing from there! 

When I have an idea and I'm out and about I tend to scribble the foundation of the idea on to a scrap piece of paper and then transfer the idea to my huge notebook where I can then expand on it and explore other avenues when I have more time. I also collect newspaper cuttings which are of interest and these get put in 'the book' too. It's like a novel writing scrapbook! 

So I dusted off my other idea and trawled through 'the book' for some other interesting thoughts to add, and the novel is gaining speed again. I do believe that sometimes the best cure for writers block is to just sit on the work for a while, procrastinate if need be and then after enough time has lapsed you can look on the idea with a fresh critical eye. In doing this sometimes I've surprised myself in the past at what I've actually written!

I'll keep you posted on my progress and maybe also post a few snippets when I'm happy with them too!

Love Jo xxx

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