Friday, 21 March 2014

Starting a new knitting project

Ok, so today I thought I'd share with you my latest knitting project. I learnt to knit properly about two years ago whilst recovering from an operation. I'm a self taught knitter, mainly helped by my knitting bible!

I recommend this book to anyone looking to take up knitting for the first time. Each type of stitch is laid out with easy to follow step-by-step tutorials and there are some projects in the book too. I would say if you do buy the book cast your eye over any patterns/projects before you start them as there are a few printing mistakes. However, I see it as a challenge and a chance to amend things I don't like about a pattern!

As a rule of thumb I would say to knit a few 'scarves' first. Just long pieces of material in both garter stitch and stocking stitch (the two most common stitch types).

Then once you have done this, it is worth trying some easy projects to get to know the techniques. You can find lots of free knitting patterns online here.

Probably one of my most proudest knitted creations is my knitted cuddly monkey, he looks so cute and lives pride of place in our living room!

Anyway, so on to my latest project. I've decided to knit a summer cardigan for a young baby, the pattern I'm using (from the book above) says it's for a newborn but my stitch tension is usually slightly looser than the book, so I've stuck to the needle size in the pattern and I'm hoping it'll be the correct size for a baby about 6 months old.

The wool I'm using is a colour changing synthetic wool I picked up from a thrift store about 18 months ago, but the soft pastel colours and stipey effect the wool gives is perfect in my opinion for baby clothes!

At the moment I'm currently knitting up the back of the cardigan, but I promise I'll post more pictures as I progress through the pattern! Exciting times!

Let me know, can you knit? Know any links to beautiful patterns? Or would you like to knit but don't know where to start? Drop me a comment and I'll look to making a beginners knitting tutorial if there's enough interest! 

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