Monday, 14 April 2014

A Gravy Dilemma...

Gravy. It's most possibly the biggest bane of my life. The dilemma is that I love gravy, however making proper gravy from scratch escapes me! I pride myself on being quite a competent cook, I know how tastes work together, I can make a cheese sauce from scratch out of a rue, give me a joint and veg and I can rustle up a lovely casserole with a tasty sauce... But making gravy frustrates me!

Growing up my mother always made her own gravy using cornflour as the thickener. As an adult I tried adopting this method, scooping the fat off, heating the juices, adding the cornflour and potato water. But the gravy was always too watery, you could taste the cornflour, or some fat still remained which made it taste sickly and greasy. Oh and also, I don't thing cornflour agrees with the hubby!

Since then, I've tried most methods. I've tried flour to thicken, adding gravy granules, using a gravy separator to get rid of the fat, watching youtube tutorials, and although I succeed in making gravy, it doesn't taste like proper 'Sunday roast' gravy.

Now I'm all for using gravy granules to whip up some gravy for a meat and potato pie, or sausage and mash, what's deemed a 'quick tea', but for a Sunday dinner it needs spectacular gravy...

And I think I've found the answer. I saw my mother in law using Bisto gravy powder (onion flavoured) to thicken the gravy, turns out I tried it by following the instructions on the box and it makes the gravy turn out lovely, adds some subtle flavouring and thickens too. Think I'm on to a winner with this one!
Do you have any issues with gravy like me? Or are you a Gravy God and can whip it up from scratch with no mither? If so, please drop me some helpful tips, I'd love to be able to make a gravy worthy of Gods!

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