Tuesday, 8 April 2014

An apology and an insurance based weekend

Hi guys,

I wanted to apologise that I haven't posted for a whole 3 days. The reason being, I've been majorly laid up and feeling awful, including having itchy eyes, from the Sahara dust, or possibly a common cold, and also I spent what little energy I had on the phone and computer doing car and home insurance quotes, and sorting cover for both for the next 12 months... Oh joy!

I'm not too bummed about it though as over the two policies, I've knocked nearly £70 off my previous years cover, just shows the effort of shopping around pays off.

I was able to achieve this through using numerous comparison websites to find out my best options for insurance, then noticing any affiliation I had with either company, so for car insurance I got a 10% discount for calling the company because my husbands current cover was with that insurer and for home insurance, I tried calling companies to beat the cheapest price quoted but they couldn't so I went with the cheapest company.

Now, I know the cheapest isn't always the best, but I meant the cheapest company for the level of cover I was looking at, I also only tend to use firms I've actually heard of too! I also advise others to really look at the 'added extras' the insurance companies include and make sure you actually need them, for instance I don't need courtesy car cover, I'm covered for it elsewhere, so that saved me £25 for starters. It all adds up!

I've also had issues with the exercise regime, I've just felt too poorly to exercise so I'll be kicking in with that as soon as I feel human again!

Anyway, just wanted to say normal postings will resume from tomorrow, got a lovely recipe of the week lined up! 

Love Jo xxx

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