Friday, 4 April 2014

Sahara Dust dubbed 'Killer Smog' causes colds

Urgh! Don't you hate waking up with a cold?! An awful scratchy throat and blocked nostrils. Me and the hubby found ourselves like this yesterday morning. We thought it was so unfair to get a cold when winter is all but gone!

But it turns out it's the dust which has floated over the UK from the Sahara desert which seems to be causing it. Apparently the climate and weather conditions are the perfect recipe for the sand not to be dispersed. We've seen evidence of it on our cars and windows since the beginning of the week, but it seems that the tiny particles are also getting into our throats now too. 

The reason I realised this is because my mother in law works in a local shop, handling money and coming into contact with numerous people in a day, so she's very resilient to getting any colds and flu, however, she's also suffering at the moment!

I really hope it all clears up in the next few days, we feel so bad we've been having cold and flu tablets to try and curb the symptoms, but I'm not sure if they'll even work as it isn't a virus which is causing this, but apparently the sand particles. I think I need to invest in a face mask to filter it all out!

Is anyone else feeling this rough from the Sahara dust? Do you have any advice to help with the symptoms?

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