Friday, 11 April 2014

My Top 10 Disney Movies

Hi guys,

So I thought I'd share my current top 10 Disney films. I absolutely love Disney films, you know they're always going to be good, but I thought I'd share my top 10. Its an ever changing and evolving list but I still love all 10 of these films!

10. Mulan - As a child, I didn't really understand Mulan, she didn't want to be a girl like the other Disney princesses, and there was too much fighting and 'boy stuff' in the film, however as I've gotten older I've come to appreciate it more, she's one kick ass woman, saves China and gets the guy! 

9. Up - Just brilliant, a real family favourite film. Dug is easily my favourite character, he reminds me so much of Penny, but it's just heartwarming. I also love how it tugs on my heartstrings and I can be sobbing within the first 10 minutes because of Ellie's death... So sad!
8. Frozen - This is new in the list, and the only reason it isn't higher is that it hasn't yet stood the test of time! Yes, everyone is going on about it being brilliant because the sisters' love for each other conquers any romantic love, but it's funny too, the music is awesome and I'm thankful Kristoff gives Sven a voice like me and the hubby do with Penny, clearly if Disney do it, it's not crazy!

7. Tarzan - LOVE! I really don't think Tarzan gets the credit it deserves, despite the beautiful scenery, touching story and awesome score courtesy of Phil Collins, you really feel you get a picture of what it'd be like learning a whole other culture or finding out where you belong.

6. The Little Mermaid - What's a Top 10 without Ariel? I love Sebastian's accent, Ariel's hoarding and the music again. However, I used to also swim a lot as a child and used to also love holding my breath under water, pretending I was Ariel or trying to sing underwater and wonder how she was so clear. This film was the main reason I enjoyed swimming lessons!

5. The Lion King - Music by Elton John, Rafiki's 'squashed banana' song and Simba and Nala. Not to mention the awesome Rowan Atkinson contributing as Zazu too! I also had an awesome Disney store cuddly toy couple of Nala and Simba as cubs, they had magnets in their noses which made them stick together when they kissed. As a 6 year old though, it wasn't magnets, it was magic!
4. Hercules - I love the sassy muse women, Hades is hilarious with Panic and Pain and the gospel type music is awesome to sing along to. I also love the way everything is drawn in a 'jagged edged' Greek style and it takes me back to trying to omelette the playstation action game of the film with Phil (Danny DeVito) shouting 'Rule number 96: AIM'.

3. Aladdin - Robin Williams is a genius. His jokes, singing and the general storyline are amazing, enough said!

2. Pocahontas - Confession... I HATED Pocahontas as a child, I didn't understand why the hell she didn't go with John Smith back to England, and it really spoilt the film for me, however watching it as an adult I'm hooked, it's wonderfully poignant that she doesn't go with him, again the songs are amazing, grandmother Willow is wonderful too. But it's the awesome things it teaches us about nature that stick with me most. "How high does the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you'll never know" and "You can own the earth and still all you own is earth until you can paint with all the colours of the wind" are two of my all time favourite lines from any film.

1. Beauty and the Beast - Has to be my all time favourite. I had a Beauty and the Beast birthday party growing up, can remember how much I wanted the video after seeing it at the cinema, having the 'Sing along songs' video too and the soundtrack on cassette. People say it's about Stockholm Syndrone and take the mick, but it's beautiful. I love all of it, even Gaston as the villain! My absolute favourite part which makes it my number one is the magic of the scene where Beast turns back human, the magic hail and the way he transforms is just beautiful!

So there you are, my top 10 Disney films. Let me know what you think of my choices, have I missed any?

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