Saturday, 20 September 2014

What a week to make a spectacle...

Super crazy busy week!

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown. Sorting out new starters at work, choosing new glasses, numerous birthdays and preparing for holiday next month and I almost forgot about my Saturday post! 

First of all I wanted to say how glad I am that our Scottish neighbours voted to stay a part of the UK! I think it would have been a real shame and a mistake to leave the United Kingdom, plus I wasn't thrilled that I might need a passport if I did ever travel north of Hadrian's Wall! 

Secondly, on to my main pet hate this week. Why oh why is it so difficult to choose glasses? I loathe it coming round every other year when I have an eye test and then have to rifle through the myriad of frames available... The majority look plain awful, the metal ones pinch my nose, the plastic ones rub my ears and the designer ones are just extortionate! 

I always feel like I get to the stage where I can no longer be objective because I've tried so many pairs, so I end up picking a random from which I'm then stuck with for two years... There must be an easier way! 

The contact lens check is even worse, the optometrist chatting incessantly and watching me put my lenses in, something I've done alone a thousand times, but just can't do whilst being watched, and wanting me to try new lenses which are stupidly huge and far too big for my eyeball. Even though I'm telling her this, she doesn't listen! 

Grrr, it makes me mad that something seemingly so simple is teamed with annoyance and lots of time wasting! 

Let me know, do you hate opticians or do you have another major pet hate? 

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