Monday, 12 January 2015

A day in Amsterdam

OK, so I promised some blog posts about my October-November 2014 holiday. To begin, we flew to Amsterdam. It was a step over flight, so we were only in the city from 8:30am to 4:45pm. 

Before we went, I did some research and was unsure what to do for the day, the possibilities included a river cruise, segwaying, seeing museums or just general sightseeing. 

One thing I definitely wanted to do was try a Stroopwafel. This gooey caramel waffle/biscuit looked heavenly, and I'd heard you can balance it on your cup of tea which melts the inside... heaven on a plate!

We decided in the end to see how we felt when we got to Amsterdam. Getting from the airport to the city centre was surprisingly easy using the train links. The buildings in the city are just exquisite but I was amazed to see that some of them were still standing, check out the lean on this one!

The weather was pretty wet and miserable all day unfortunately which ruled out segwaying and river cruising (we couldn't see the sights through the rain speckled perspex roof) so we had a walk around, found a delightful coffee shop to try stroopwafels (amazing by the way!) and discovered this little picturesque beauty of an alley way.

After seeing Dam Square, the hub of the city centre, which had a fair there at the time (but also lots of roadworks which couldn't be helped) we walked back to the train station through the red light district. Some of the 'ladies of the night' were just beginning to start their shifts which I found a little seedy, and the smell of weed in the area was pretty overpowering too.

At this point, I'm sorry to say we were pretty happy to get back to the airport for the next leg of our journey... Rome! Stay tuned for the run down in a few weeks time! 

I'd like to know your thoughts on Amsterdam. Drop me a comment below!

Want to see more of the trip?

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