Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy 2015! Taking down the tree and superstitions.

Happy New Year Guys!

Sorry again for my delay in posting... Obviously my blog is aptly named with all the procrastinating I've been doing recently!

I've decided that organisation needs to be my main resolution this year, and sticking to manageable goals, so I've decided that to keep the blog running I'll post bi-weekly at least from now on (guides honour!) and possibly weekly if I can manage it!

Over the last few months I've been:

  • Still training new starters at work (exhausting!)
  • On an epic holiday (numerous blog posts and photos to follow), 
  • Started working on my novel in more detail (ideas have been flying all over the place), however I didn't take part in Nanowrimo this year (oh the pressure!) 
And then of course with the build up to Christmas everything goes out of the window!

I got my tree up quite early this year and so by New Year's Day I couldn't wait to tear it down! Normally I wait until just before the 6th January to take it down but I was ready for a good clean. So when my best friend Lisa asked where the tree was and I told her I'd taken it down she said that I shouldn't do anything on New Year's Day... 
"Anything?" I asked, "I've always done something!"
She went on to explain I can't clean on New Year's Day as it brings bad luck. Surely, I thought, this isn't right, so I consulted the trusty internet for clarification...

Turns out there are quite a few New Year's superstitions to be wary of, but these stood out the most:

  • Don't remove things from the house (including rubbish) as it means you'll be losing things all year
  • Crying on New Year's Day means you'll have an unhappy year
  • Don't break anything, apparently it's DOUBLY worse than breaking a mirror on any other day... So 7 year's bad luck for breaking a mirror but 14 year's bad luck for breaking anything on NYD... Ouch!
  • Kissing at midnight ensures an affectionate year
So in summary, I hope we all have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year, love from me and PennyProcrastinate! xxx

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