Monday, 2 February 2015

A packed three days in Rome

This week I thought I'd share another post about my Transatlantic voyage from October-November 2014. 

So after a brief stop in Amsterdam we finally arrived in Rome!

We stopped at the Midori Oriental Suite B&B. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay in Rome. It's in a great location, (a stones throw from the Colosseum), is decorated in an ingenious way, clean and modern looking, tasty organic complimentary food and drink and Raffaele, the owner, is the most friendly, genuine and helpful host you could wish for!

After settling into the room we had a lovely meal at local restaurant, i Clementini, out of all the meals we had in Rome, this was by far the nicest, and most reasonably priced for what we had! 

After a wonderful night's sleep, we spent the day being tourists! Day one was spent firstly seeing the Colosseum (I recommend getting there early to try and avoid too much queueing) and then we moseyed across to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill which were included in the entry tickets.

After exiting the Roman Forum we went to the Vittorio Emanuele Monument and Museum before walking back to the B&B. 

Later, we went to see the Trevi fountain (which was being restored so was water-less and scaffolded up) and walked up and down the Spanish Steps, which had so many people sitting on them we were surprised! 

Also to note, we found that there was an awesome Gelato shop on the corner of the block where we were staying. My favourite flavour was called 'Bacio' which was basically Nutella ice-cream!

On day two, we decided to journey over the river to the Vatican. We visited the museums first, which were awesome (again I recommend getting there early to avoid queues) however, with everything being so wonderful at every turn, I'm ashamed to say we got a bit blasé towards dinnertime. After finishing with the Sistine Chapel we went to St Peter's Square and Basilica. One word to describe this area... HUGE! I knew the square was going to be big but I wasn't prepared for just how big it is! 

Later in the afternoon we nipped across to Castel St. Angel, which is a castle just down the street from St. Peter's Square and looking out over the river. There are some lovely views of the city from the roof (even though it didn't seem the safest of roofs, what with it's age and odd repair jobs...) and then we caught a taxi to Villa Borghese which is located north of the city where we hired a golf buggy and zoomed around the gardens. It was great fun, and a nice relief on the old tootsies from walking around all day!

In the evening, after freshening up , we went to see the Pantheon just before closing time, which was beautiful at night, seeing the stars through the hole in the dome! Piazza Navona was a short walk away so we spent the evening there around the lovely (and very detailed) fountains.

The following morning we just had a leisurely walk around the Colosseum area again with a last scoop of Gelato before heading to the port of Civitavecchia to catch a boat!

Want to see more of the trip so far?
Let me know what you thought of Rome, or are you travelling there and have questions? Drop me a comment! x

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