Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentines Day Paper Heart Decorations

This week I wanted to start the lead up to Valentine's Day with something crafty. 

I remember we made these oh-so-cute little paper hearts for my Wedding and thought they would also be an appropriate V-Day decoration!

How cute is this?! As well as hanging them off the backs of random chairs we also decided to make some streamers out of them. Below you can see them dressing the front of the top table like a banner.

To make some of these cute little hearts, you will need:
  • Paper - Coloured, Plain, Old books, Magazine cuttings, whatever you fancy
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Double sided sticky tape (or glue)
  • Ribbon
To begin, draw columns 2.5cm wide on the paper of your choice. I decided to do the hearts all in one yellowy colour this time, but you can make strips of different coloured paper and interchange the hearts if you like. Then make a line across two of the strips at 6cm long, then 9cm, then 12cm. You can add a 15cm strip if you wish your hearts to have four colours like the ones shown above too.

Next, cut these into strips. Then, as I was using double sided tape, I prepared this, obviously if you're using glue instead, add the glue in the places I've taped. Note the smallest strips only have tape on one end and not both!

Next, taking the smallest strip, I removed the tape backing and stuck it together, being very careful NOT to bend it. Then, I added the next largest size strip to the ends of this, creating a loop-in-a-loop.

I continued this with increasingly larger strips until they looked as below, repeating the process to make the other side of the heart. Can you tell what it is yet?

I then added a large piece of double sided tape to one side of the heart and stuck a ribbon loop in place. If you were making a banner instead, just lay the ribbon in a strip across the middle instead.

After sticking the other side on, (being careful not to squash or crease the loops) the heart was finished! Here it is hanging off the side of a dining chair, all ready for Valentine's Day! If you have children, you can also encourage them to draw pictures or write messages to loved ones on the strips of paper first, they'd make a lovely cute little gift for a friend or grandparent!

If you see anything you like on the pictures from our DIY wedding, then please drop me a comment and I can run a feature on it. I'll be looking to create a post on some of my wedding details in the near future, so subscribe for more of the same! Hope you have fun making the hearts and Happy Valentine's Day! xx

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