Monday, 30 March 2015

My Top 10 Favourite American TV Shows to watch right now!

Ok, So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite American TV shows. One of my favourite things to do is binge watch a TV show, I get so impatient with cliffhangers that I can't wait until the next episode airs! So, without further delay, here's my top 10!

10. House of Cards - If you'd have said to me, "There's this really good political drama..." I'd have shut this one down completely as not my type, however, a boring Sunday afternoon trawling Netflix and I saw Kevin Spacey and thought I'd try it. Gripping is not the word. Though I didn't really understand some of the political language, I could still grasp the story and I love Frank Underwood's asides to camera.

9. New Girl - Though I'm disappointed the latest season has lost the catchy theme tune, this show is guaranteed to make me giggle. The characters are hilarious! 

8. The Flash - Barry Allen turns into a super hero and his antics are followed in this series. Very entertaining and comical in places, and [plot spoiler] I'm excited about the upcoming dabble into time travel!

7. Arrow - Brother show to 'The Flash' I love how these two shows intertwine. I think the only reason I enjoy Arrow more is maybe the amount of eye candy... Oh and John Diggle. His name is hilarious... No? Just me...

6. Revenge - Watching the constant battle between Emily and Victoria is gripping in this drama. So often I find the storyline dragging and thinking I might stop watching, only for a new bombshell to appear and pull me right back in! Oh and I love Nolan Ross as a character too!

5. Once Upon a Time - Disney and Fairytales but in real life... How can I not love it?!

4. Orange is the New Black - Another Netflix find. Hilariously well written ladies prison drama. As a writer I find it amazing how clever and in depth the storylines can be when the setting is largely the same throughout.

3. Game of Thrones - Not going to say too much on this one, as everyone else is talking about it! Love it! Can't wait for the next season, or the next book for that matter!

2. Modern Family - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Everything about this programme is hilarious and pure genius. Everyone everywhere should watch it. I can't even pick a favourite character because they're all so good!

1. Grimm - My absolute favourite show to watch right now. Unfortunately we're watching this week by week, so having to wait for plot points to be revealed. I think Grimm is fairly less known, definitely here in the UK than other shows, but it's so well written and the special effects have come a long way since the first few episodes. Everything about this show makes me love it! 

So there we go, my top shows to watch at the moment. On a special note, I also love Grey's Anatomy, but as it's been going for so long, I didn't think it was new enough to make the top 10. Can you suggest any other shows to watch? What are your favourite things to watch now? 

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