Monday, 2 March 2015

No shampoo... My conclusion

Hi guys,

This week I just wanted to share a quick update on my 'No-Shampoo' journey (or lack thereof!).

To refresh your memory check out my first post on this subject here.

Ok, so I started by diarising my journey, to try and come up with some conclusions or trends, so I'll carry on with this from my initial post...

16th February - hair was greasy all day so kept it up, showered in the evening with baking soda and left hair to air dry overnight.

17th February - wore hair in a plait as I was working all day, it isn't greasy but does feel 'claggy' (meaning it sort of sticks to itself, in a similar way to when you have a lot of hairspray or dry shampoo in your hair) and feels really dry at the ends.

18th February - french plaited hair, it was a little greasy at the scalp and getting progressively worse throughout the day. Washed hair with normal shampoo and conditioner in the evening and left to air dry.

19th February - Hair feels much better, softer and in better condition, had up in a bun most of the day as working on the house.

20th February - again wore hair up, started the day hardly greasy but very greasy later on. Shampooed and conditioned hair, blow dried and straightened. Super static but finding the condition a lot better than over the last few weeks.

So my main reason for going 'no-poo' was to try and extend the amount of time between washing my hair and to leave my hair healthier due to the lack of chemicals being used.

My hair didn't get any greasier with the baking soda (and I didn't experience much of a 'transition' period, but I was more worried about the condition of my hair. After washing (and thoroughly rinsing) my hair, it felt like I had put every hair product I own on it, was becoming very dry and ratty at the ends and also getting thinner and more static. Due to all of these (slightly worrying) factors, I have decided to discontinue my use of the baking soda experiment. 

Now I just need to find an alternative use for the kilo of baking soda I purchased! 

Let me know, did I do something wrong? Have you had a similar experience with baking soda instead of shampoo? Drop me a comment! x

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