Monday, 6 April 2015

How to create a scrapbook or travelogue

Are you like me? Whilst on holiday do you collect souvenirs and memorabilia to remember your trip but then don't have a clue what to do with the mound of tickets, leaflets, receipts and cards when you get home? 

Take our most recent holiday. I could have filled a suitcase with the amount of 'memories' I'd collected during the trip. Here's a small selection, believe it or not, this is about 3 days worth of a 24 day trip!

But with only a few staples from your stationery drawer and a good book or journal you can create your very own travelogue to keep all the bits you find most important. If you're interested, here's what I used:
  • A good sturdy notebook
  • Stencils (numerous sizes help, but I wouldn't be tempted to do all your writing using these, if you're worried your handwriting isn't neat, you can use a computer and stick in the printed captions)
  • Scissors
  • Crimping shears - good for adding nice edges to cut out pieces of paper
  • Pencil and rubber - I use these to create lines to write on then rub them out
  • Fountain  pen - my choice for freehand writing
  • Coloured pens - I used finalisers, they have more control than felt tips, but again it's personal preference.
  • Pritt stick (and double sided tape) - I use mostly pritt stick as it can be easier to remove in years to come if need be. Using a more permanent adhesive could limit your options in the future.
  • Set square or ruler - Again used for creating lines and making sure your work is laid out nicely on the page.

I purchased an A3 sketchbook to create my travelogue, and I've been storing memories in there ever since our honeymoon back in 2012.

Probably the most key thing I do, is whilst I'm on holiday I take a few minutes each evening to write a diary entry of what I've done during the day. This helps me to catalogue all the information and souvenirs chronologically. I used to take a notebook with me for this purpose, but more recently, I just tend to use the notes app on my iphone or a pages document to write about my day. When I get home, I can relive the memories when I put together the travelogue and also it makes for a great day-by-day account of the holiday. I normally start by stencilling the date and then writing a short piece in freehand on what we did that day, with copies of tickets or maps to show where we've been. Here are a few examples:

Has this sparked any ideas for you? Do you do anything similar or have any suggestions for me? Drop me a comment! xx

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