Monday, 11 May 2015

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

The day after we visited St Kitts, we had another jam packed day in Philipsburg, St.Maarten.  

We got on a water taxi to take us to the main town centre. It was more built up than St Kitts and therefore there seemed like there was more to do. It was another hot day so we sat in a beach bar and drank a Carib lager in between shopping.

After we'd had enough of this, we hired a scooter and journeyed to Maho Beach, to the West of the island. Maho Beach is directly beside Princess Juliana International Airport, so you can come up close and personal with the planes landing and taking off, whilst lazing on the beach or in the sea. 

It can get quite crowded but I recommend it if you're ever in the vicinity just for the experience. We were lucky enough to be there and see lots of planes, including a jumbo jet landing!
A warning though, if you're lucky enough (as we were) to be there when a large plane is taking off, get as far away from the back of the plane as possible. There were some crazy people standing against the airport border fence, with goggles and towels, hoping to get what I can only describe as 'towel parachuted' into the air from the blast of the engines. I was chest deep in the sea and still felt like I was being sandblasted in the face!

After getting back from the beach, we sampled some tasty flavoured Caribbean rum in numerous shops (the vendors practically force you to try it!) and purchased a snorkel set, which we thought would come in handy on the next stage of our journey... Labadee!

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