Monday, 1 June 2015

Labadee, Haiti

Labadee is a peninsula on the Northern coast of Haiti which is privately owned by Royal Caribbean. As Celebrity Cruises is part of the same company, we were lucky enough to be able to visit this luxury private 'island'. 

One of the main attractions in Labadee is the Dragon's Breath Flight Line, a 2,600ft zip-line, the longest over water in the world. It is quite pricey, but we were lucky enough to be able to ride twice as there wasn't much interest with the other guests on our cruise.
The Ships crew provide dinner on the island and as it's RCL owned, you can purchase most things on your ship card. There is an Artisan market where local tradespeople sell their wares, (wood and shell carvings, paintings, batik cloth sarongs etc.) but they will usually take US Dollars in payment for these. 

In the afternoon, we found a quieter part of the beach and did some snorkelling. There were lots of different breeds of fishes (don't get me wrong, it wasn't the Great Barrier reef, but there was enough wildlife to keep us interested) and hubby kept busy diving for anemone shells to take home.

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